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Men’s Morning 2020: “Decision Point” Cancelled 

In accordance with CDC and following the Diocese decision to cancel all Masses indefinitely, we have made the difficult decision to cancel the 2020 Men’s Morning of Spirituality.  However, since we are a Pro-Life church, the health and well-being of all age groups was a major factor in our decision. Thank you to all our sponsors, volunteers, Priests and Catholic Church of the Incarnation for the support of this years event, we look forward to being back in 2021.


One of our speakers, Matt Ingold, along with other Catholic Men’s conference speakers, have united to offer a Virtual Men’s Conference for men around the country who are unable to attend their men’s conferences due to cancellations similar to ours.

Men’s Morning of Spirituality; Definition and Purpose

What is MMOS? MMOS is a morning of fellowship and worship where men come together to learn how to encourage each other to live for Christ as Authentic Catholic Men.

What is the purpose of MMOS?

• To model authentic friendship leading to a relationship with Christ

• To convey that “you are not alone”, and that MMOS is a place where men of all ages know “You belong”. Men should experience radical hospitality. (Goal: I AM GLAD I CAME!)

• To encounter men who can love each other because of their love of Christ

• To engage men in the Sacraments in a safe, encouraging atmosphere.

• To inspire men to take a step towards active discipleship

What’s it like? Men’s Morning of Spirituality is where you find out you are not alone and begin to see that it is possible to live a “Christ-centered” life in this world. You will feel connected to men who are learning together that following Christ is an exciting, challenging way to peace in today’s turbulent world. Come and See!

Bring a Friend

St. Andrew went back to his home to tell his brother Simon Peter (now St. Peter) about the coming of  Jesus, the Anointed One (Messiah). Imagine if St. Andrew had not gone back, and brought his brother?… What would have happened? Where would we be today as Christians, without that first encounter for St Peter with Christ. (John 1:35-42)

How many of our fellow brothers walk a daily journey without Christ, because we (there brothers) have not invited them to find their own personal encounter. While you may see your fellow brother in the pews once a week for a mere hour, are they truly living their faith? While you yourself know the graces and joy, you can receive from living your faith, daily at home, and work, within all aspects of your environments, do you see or feel the urgent need to share your encounter with Christ? Would your brother, next door neighbor,  work associates or community of friends also benefit greatly from having that same faith filled encounter(s) with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ?

Are you looking? Are you aware? Pray About It.

Today I urge you my brothers in Christ, to reach out and bring a friend and allow the Holy Spirit to fill their hearts, allow Christ to engage in their daily lives, allow them to know God, as you do.

"Iron sharpens iron; so a man sharpens his fellow man." - Proverbs 27:17

As the loaves and fishes demonstrate, men can have a lasting effect on the world around them just by choosing the “right thing”. We are not called to lead lives of “quiet desperation” but to proudly proclaim the truth of the Church in our everyday lives. Make a friend. Be a friend. Lead a friend to Christ.