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8 responses to “Bill Platten”

  1. John Platten says:

    We are devastated by the loss of my Brother and at the same time joyously celebrating his life and entrance into heaven.

    If you know him, you know what you would be hearing him say. “Why are you crying. I have been working for this all my life. I want you to be happy that I am with my heavenly father.” Then he would have something humorous to say so that you would feel better. (Not everyone appreciated his sense of humor)

    Then in his serious Dad voice he, would ask you to do something that would seem so simple, that you could not even think of not doing it. He had a way of knowing exactly what that one thing is for you.

    I bet that thing just came to your mind. Now you’re thinking, “Yeah, I remember that time when………”
    And whether or not you did that thing, I’d ask you to do it now or do it again. I know I have of several of those things I need to do now.

    His daughter Julie said that he called it a ripple. Like a ripple in the water. You just never know where in this world that ripple you created will travel and who it will touch.

    I think of how powerful Bill’s ripple is. It will last for generations.

    I think my ripple could never be as great as Bill’s. I know it doesn’t have to be huge to make an impact.

    Bill was hit by somebody’s ripple. It could of been a small ripple or a combination of ripples. But wow, look what happened to it.

    He made that ripple so much stronger and so much wider and touched so many people. He would say, “Don’t underestimate your ripple. You’ll probably never know the power of your ripple”

    So if you want to do something to celebrate Bill, make a ripple.

    You did good brother. I love you.

  2. Bryan Watson says:

    I will miss my friend more than words can say. He always made me feel like I was special as I have no doubt he did with everyone he was present with. I will do my best to #belikebill more. See you in the Eucharist my beloved friend.

  3. Dan Strafuss says:

    Bill Platten was a Pilar among men and shall be missed.
    I was fortunate to spend time with Bill at adoration. You see, Bill had the hour Wednesday morning at 3am. I had the hour from 2am-3am. I would often get back home at 4am. My wife would say, “must have been with Bill”. I had a chance to visit my King and Savior Jesus Christ and one of his faithful servants Bill Platten. Bill was a faithful servant.
    When I lost my job in February, Bill and I talked about my ambition as I move back to Kansas. Off course, we were at the adoration chapel. Best place to be when facing difficulties. I told Bill, I am going to take your lead and stay involved and grow Gods kingdom in Kansas.
    Like so many, I will miss my friend Bill.

  4. Stan Knotts says:

    I have never lost a Christian brother I will miss as much as Bill. He was genuine to his core and every time I was with him I was drawn deeper into my walk with the Lord. Bill was hugely generous with his life. Whether it was listening, encouraging, instructing, guiding, example setting or effectively executing a multitude of corporal works of mercy, he was fully present in love. The times he included me in ministering are some of my best memories. I never met a better listener or a kinder heart. The fact that he is now with the Lord leaves many men at a loss. I believe he would tell us (is telling us), “Guys, you got this. Rely on the Blessed Mother and do it”.

  5. Phillip Norton says:

    In the short time I got to know Bill, he made a tremendous and lasting impact on my life. I have always struggled with thinking that I was not enough or that I could not successfully accomplish something. From the first time that I spoke with him, he lifted me up and made me feel like a superhero who with God and my new friends couldn’t be stopped. I will forever treasure the zoom calls, phone calls and texts that revealed the amazingly uplifting spirit that flowed from Bill. I’m still in shock that he is gone and sad that he won’t be physically able to help us complete his vision. I do know that he will continue to guide us. I also know without a doubt that he was met at the gates of heaven with the beautiful words, “Well done my good and faithful servant now come see with me just how far your ripple has gone.” I will hold our time together with me and try to live of to his expectations with the help of God and those that he put in my path. Finally, I want to thank his family for sharing this amazing man of God with the world.

  6. Frank Lamanna says:

    Bill was truly infused by the Holy Spirit. He was not a toe dipper in the Faith. Bill jumped into the Holy Water fully clothed and thereby inspired so many of us to go the extra mile in the practice of our faith. He set the bar high and we will miss his smile, love, and leadership. Bill changed the World. May his eternal soul rest in peace.

  7. Rob Hendry says:

    Monday after we lost Bill i was on the phone talking about Bill. I was asked what it was about Bill that made him so special. My immediate response was he exuded love. Christ’s directive to all of us was to love God and to love one another. Bill was walking example of what Christ directed each of us to do. St Bill is now looking down and I will guarantee prayers to St. Bill, asking for help to become loving in all we do, will be answered with that soft smile and easy way.

  8. Jason Caswell says:

    Bill was my father in law. I greatly miss him. I am certain Bill has been granted eternal rest for his faith and the life he lived. We had many in depth conversations about men’s ministry and faith. He was full of wisdom. I went to multiple MMOS events with him. Those events and time with him will always be remembered. I frequently ask myself “What would Bill do?” He was a husband and father that I could relate to and use as an example. All husbands and fathers need men like Bill in our lives to set an example and to encourage us.I challenge all men who knew Bill. Who will be the next Bill Platten? There is no replacing him but he has equipped many men to take the next step. I am very hopeful for the work he has done in Fisher’s of Men and MMOS that his legacy will always have an impact. I look forward to coming to Memphis in the upcoming years for MMOS. I am certain his presence will be felt.

    Well done good and faithful servant!